the skull turns into a flexible element on Cheap thomas sabo skull ring

Thomas Sabo, a German silver jewelry brand, has released a series of 2012/13 autumn and winter jewellery, which has always been a graceful shake for all of the visual nerves. Ambiguous feelings in the provocative words spread, mutual attraction of sexy tension to become the new product design inspiration, so in the unruly soul add a touch of elegant accident ripe charm.


The new 2012/13 Winter series will focus on showing the conflict and harmony between just and soft, the skull turns into a flexible element on Cheap thomas sabo skull ring and thomas sabo bracelet charms, while the whims of the knot and the cross become a grim symbol of mild rebels. THOMAS Sabo’s zircon inlay in the finer points of the new product still exhibits extraordinary craftsmanship, even in a personalized style, insisting on perfect detail. And the latest with more pure silver elements of the leather bracelet and cord is to achieve the fashion accessories and jewelry between the extraordinary charm of symbiosis.

THOMAS sabo new love bridge series fashion spread

Tribute to the Tanabata THOMAS sabo new love bridge series fashion spread August 20, 2015
German fashion silver jewelry brand Thomas Sabo for Tanabata Valentine’s Day launched a new love Bridge· Bridge series, inspired by the Paris Love Bridge Lock (now dismantled), there are many lovers will engrave the names of the two people in the lock and then buckle the railing, meaning to never separate, so love bridge· The bridge series of Love creates a bridge between two people with 925 sterling silver, and also offers personalized carving services that can be engraved on your secret words or memorable moments.

THOMAS-SABO-Brazil-World-Cup-1-550x808 Thomas-Sabo-Love-Bridge-1-550x825

The long-awaited Brazilian World Cup is in full swing, the German silver jewelry brand Replica Thomas Sabo uk under the banner of fashion, for you to launch a limited edition of the 2014 World Cup ornaments, so that football enthusiasts feel the World Cup hot atmosphere, and the host country Brazil to the highest respect. The 2014 Brazilian World Cup pendant series is full of Brazilian national color, with the classic playful football or the style of black and white ball and boot ornaments, the whole combination is full of fashionable feeling, let a person feel the most fiery football charm.